Why I lost 500 Gaz points then cried lots (and you should too)

Apr 17

Ok so I adore Britain’s Got Talent, and if you’re serious about marketing your business then you should too. But my love for BGT just lost me 500 mate points.

Just a side note before I begin, Gaz is my mate and he happens to be ok at that music lark.

It’s one of the reasons I like him.

If you fancy passing judgement this is my favourite covers of his (click to listen)

Anyway, BGT said NO or X X X X when he auditioned. Actually, just NO there’s a round before the TV auditions so it’s a dank room and pretty unsensational.

So putting the whole BGT thing on and me getting all ‘WOW’ ‘I LOVE THIS’ gushing bag of emotion doesn’t go down too well on a Saturday night.

But it is totally essential research for marketing and I’m going to share with you what on earth BGT has with running a personal training business because I’m aware the link may not be immediately obvious.

From start to finish the whole show is jam packed FULL of emotion, emotion and more emotion.

I often go from belly laugh to sobbing tears multiple times throughout the show.

And the music played, the atmosphere the whole thing is crafted to maximise the impact of all the feels. It takes you on a journey with the contestant so you feel fully connected to their cause.

LESSON: Use emotion in your marketing message to help people FEEL. Because people buy on emotion this is very powerful.

It doesn’t matter what they do onstage the audience is already bought in or not based on the person. Last night for example there was a magician, Richard Jones, just watch the connection we make with him BEFORE he even went on stage.

When we Know and Like a person it’s so much easier for us to trust and buy. In the case of BGT it’s about buying votes and building a fanbase.

LESSON: When people like YOU they buy from you, so showing up fully as your true self helps people connect and makes them more likely to buy.

The VT and the STORY.
Following on from the people is the story. Notice the VT that runs before the act goes on stage? That’s to help us fall in love with the person’s journey, their story.

I’m telling you a story now and it’s more engaging than if I did a dry ‘marketing facts’ kind of blog.

We’re just wired to care about other people, it helps us survive and storytelling helps us to know who we can trust to be in our tribe.

Tell your story, tell clients stories and tell stories about anyone, it will engage your audience more than ‘drink water’ tell us about Julie who achieved her goal because she started by committing to drinking 8 glasses of water in week one.

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