Apr 13

So we have all heard about the changes to the Instagram algorithm and many businesses are fretting.

This isn’t something to worry about and I’m going to explain why.

You have to embrace change instead of hiding from it.

If you don’t adapt you will be forgotten pretty quickly.

So where you might think this will reduce your ‘face time’ with clients, if you are posting relevant and interesting posts that people want to see – you have nothing to worry about!

There is so much content on Instagram that most of it gets missed.

The new algorithm will actually improve the consumers experience. You will see posts based on your likes and engagement with an account.

So what does this mean for small business and how can you make sure you don’t get lost in the feed?

Be consistent

According to Instagram 70% of content is missed by the consumer due to the number of posts and time zones.

So this is why you need to be consistent and post regularly to ensure your followers are seeing content they love.

If you want to be time efficient and ensure your posts go out as and when you want them use latergramme to schedule your posts.

Analyse the numbers

It’s all well and good being consistent but if you’re fans don’t like your content they’re not going to double tap it.

So put aside time to analyse which of your posts have received the most interaction and engagement and post more of them!

If something you loved but your followers didn’t like it you have to bite the bullet and listen to your followers.

There are some tools you can use to analyse the data such as sprout social…

Be social

Seems obvious right!?

How often do you comment and like other people’s posts?

Make an effort to engage with your followers. Reply to their comments, heart their images and follow users that would be your ideal customers.

Searching hashtags that your ideal client would use and commenting and double tapping their images will mean they are much more likely to follow you back.

Stand out from the crowd

If you share the same type of thing everyone else is you’re not going to get noticed.

There are plenty of photo editing apps you can use to make a good pixie great!

VSCO Cam is super popular and has plenty of free filters you can use as well as photo packs and filters you can buy.

Canva is a graphic design app which can be used on desktop and iPad to create awesome images to share.

iMovie is great for a more advanced user for making videos with special effects like slow motion, fast forward and split screen.

Get organised

Using latergramme or hootsuite to plan your content is a must.

You should be posting a few times per day consistently.

Putting together images and scheduling them in batches means your more efficient and will get more done.

You will still have to click to post but you can even write the captions and hashtags ahead of time.

I’m all for making social media quicker, more efficient and less of a ball ache for small businesses.

You can use these tips in your business right now!

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