How scary is running your own business?

Apr 18

How scary is it to lie in bed at night staring at the ceiling worrying about paying the bills and feeling like a complete failure in life?

Oh and you might want to worry about the other half buggering off because you’ve showed them zero attention and constantly have your brain in the work game too.

It’s not all 6 figures and yachts.

It’s very likely you’ll feel like this headline at least once a week (sometimes multiple times a day)

Ooooo how very non-guru of me.

And no this isn’t where I tell you ‘unless you buy my shit’ either.

Plus this applies to every sole trader or small business owner ever.

You are choosing a life that’s crazy. Here’s what I wrote about entrepreneurs not so long back;

Entrepreneurs are a f*cked up bunch

I reject mediocracy. I dream stupidly big dreams. I fail hard and fast. Then I dust myself off and do it all over again only bigger.

Honestly, I haven’t met a normal entrepreneur yet! They are all super weird. I bloody love them!

Seriously we took the whole life map thing, school, college, uni, secure job, marriage, then babies thing and went. Nah I’ll not bother with that thanks. It was like someone showed us ‘normal’ and we just decided that we were going to do the exact opposite.

We look at the world and see a completely different picture to other people. Possibility, opportunity and disruption.

A chaos of beauty and wonder. No rules. No status quo. Just an insatiable urge to create.

And if you woke up this morning with a crazy dream that made people wonder if you had actually lost your mind this time then do it. Make it a thing. Make it your thing.

So when you choose this life, you can’t expect the stability that comes from a salary too.

There will be excitement, joy, elation even. You will have the best days of your entire life. But you’ll have some of the worst Some people aren’t. But if you read that quote above and went ‘hell yeah’ then you’re one meant for this crazy world of chaos.

So how do you get through?

First up know that EVERYONE feel like this sometimes. even those showing their highlight reel of life.

Know there IS a highlight reel of life plastered over all the social media stuff and do NOT compare yourself to it.

Accept that the worst could happen and you WILL survive it. (You have a mate with a sofa right?)

BELIEVE that you can do this and focus all your energy time and money on stuff that will help you get to your goals.

Discover networking groups where other like minded people hang out, this might be in real life or on-line such as the Coffee With Dan group on Facebook.

Lastly JFDI (Just Flipping Do It) As in if this is burning a desire in your heart so much you just can’t stop thinking about it, save three months salary, strip out all unnecessary expense from your life, start helping people with your thing for free and build your tribe.

Fearless Love

A x

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