Hi, I'm Aimee

Digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker 

My clients choose me because I enable business owners to understand their clients, nurture relationships and develop sustainable businesses.  We do the people stuff first, then take of advantage of the technology that will support those relationships. 

I'm fascinated by why people do what they do, and have spent the last two decades experimenting with what makes people act.

Through my journey I've been a lay adviser to the House of Commons, the European Economic & Social Committee and Lincolnshire County Council.

Consulted for global companies such as Castrol, Shinetech, Swiss Contact and Mercedes and been an expert partner to SMEs in the UK and Entrepreneur in Residence to companies across the Balkans.

I've been a speaker at AllWeb - Macedonia's national digital marketing conference, Microsoft's CEO Forum where I spoke on the future of digital, and a returning speaker to Lincolnshire's biggest business expo.

Through it all the thing I love most is the close relationships I have with business owners who are driven to build real relationships with their customers and deliver true value to the world.

As a 'Geek by nature' I'm passionate about new technologies and how they influence purchase behaviour. My mission is to empower business owners to understand why their clients buy.

People first...

Marketing is often misunderstood as things you do to shout about your business.  In truth there is a blend of different things that make up 'marketing'.  I start with the people, specifically your customer.  Who are they?  What do they need?  And how are you going to meet that need?  Once you can answer these questions you can go on to develop a marketing strategy that really works.

then we can get to the tech

Digital technology is a game changer, the world is almost unrecognisable from 30 years ago.  But my Nanny still isn't on Tinder. And the truth is unless the tech matches the people bit you'll be shooting in the dark.  So rather than getting excited about shiny objects, let's get smart and choose just the things that are right for your brand.


Aimee has a specific skill in helping business owners to prioritise their actions, to identify critical milestones and to develop their businesses in a structured way.   Aimee is very capable, with a pleasant but professional manner. I am very happy to recommend her services.

Mike Stokes 

Innovative Networking Events


I sought Aimee’s advice on presenting my business. She is very friendly and approachable but will give you an objective viewpoint  before recommending a course of action. Her advice was invaluable and has helped me better present my business. I am very happy to recommend.

Clive Thompson

Financial Advisor


Aimee taught me so much and have seen her work her magic and make it so simple for her clients.  She is relatable, knowledgeable and insightful. I have seen how she improves a business with some small tweaks using her industry know how.  Aimee you are a marketing genius.

Kelly-Marie West

Owner VA Freedom

Digital marketing consultation

Your Invitation

All my relationships begin with a consultation call to ensure we are happy and confident in working with each other.  

These calls are structured for me to get to understand your business and what you want to achieve.

They are also there for you to assess if my style and experience is right for your business right now.  

If we are both happy to discuss working together I will invite you to find out how that will look.  

I ask clients for either a 'hell yes' or 'flat no' on the call.  

This is out of mutual respect for us both so we have absolute clarity about moving forwards.

Most Popular


I delve into ChatBots as a tool in your digital marketing at the AllWeb national conference in Skopje, apparently it's not too dull.


Interviewed in the Balkans by vlogger and rising star Kika Aveiro.  She digs into me & I embarrass myself in front of a nation by admitting a dark secret!

​dream & do

Invited to speak at the inaugural Women Entrepreneurs events in Macedonia I took the opportunity to tell my story and inspire people to take action. 

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