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May 21
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Yesterday I met with a gentleman from a rival company who is scoping out his options for other employment. He was everything you would look for in a potential candidate;

  • Smart (as in well dressed and intelligent)
  • Personable and Knowledgeable
  • Confident but not arrogant
  • Self-motivated and self-directed

He talked about what he was looking for in an employer and to some extent why his current position wasn’t working for him. It wasn’t the salary, working hours or the job. It was the culture and leadership style.

Since starting our company we have always had a relaxed work style and promoted autonomous behaviours, even in our 15 year old junior developer. That’s because we want to work with people who know that the only thing that is really important is how a customer feels when they do business with us.

As a manager I don’t care if the guys work from home in their PJs if the quality of work is there and deadlines are met. I do get very upset if we let a customer down. I don’t get upset if they are not ‘in the zone’ and take an hour out to focus before delivering exceptional work.

Thinking back across all the teams I have ever managed it’s been the same. The focus has always been on the quality delivery of the service and the way each person supports the team goals. In some positions the time of work has been important, opening a shop on time for example or covering core customer access hours.

Most of the time being 5 minutes ‘late’ into the office doesn’t matter and we certainly don’t clock watch and countdown to 5pm or Fridays. That’s because what matters is how we deliver service for customers. That we focus on developing each other and growing as people.

Past employees of mine will say I have high expectations and I’m no push over. I expect people to deliver on their promises. But I know that people have lives outside of work to and that making a balance between work and life and helping people to achieve their personal goals makes happier people. Happy staff make a productive team.

Do I feel sorry for the rival company about to lose a fantastically talented employee? No. Not one bit. Leaders and Managers need to take responsibility for their team performance, ask David Moyes!

By no stretch of the imagination are we perfect, there are things we can do better in the future. We all know what they are and how we are going to improve. That’s what helps a company grow and expand. Your people are the most valuable part of your company. Invest in them and build a top flight team.

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