Wife Swap

Mar 27
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Wife Swap USA is my guilty pleasure. If you have never seen it before they take two families, swap the wife’s for two weeks and swap house rules. Week one the ‘new’ wife lives by the families established rules and week two they live by hers. In typical reality TV style the families are carefully chosen to be polar opposites guaranteeing the sparks will fly.

In a recent episode one of the families ONLY ate raw foods, this included all meat. The family were woken in the night by the wife to drink a raw food smoothie to keep their bodies healthy. The swap was explosive. Country folks meet inner city consumerists. And this is why I love the show.

We talk lots in business about, knowing your customers, understanding what makes them tick and knowing your market. But deep down we all make the same mistakes, we all think we are right and that others think like us. I remember being vigorously opposed and accused of prejudice and stereotyping at a Strategy Day because I talked about profiling and demographics. It’s wrong to discriminate.

But people is a big word. The businesses sure to fail are the ones selling to everybody. You do have to know your customer, really know them. There are tools to help you understand what makes your type of customer tick, Mosaic Interactive Profiles is a great online resources that’s free. But it’s about getting to grips with your customers psyche and maybe a bit of emotional intelligence too.

Wife Swap USA captures in one hour what marketers spend their lives trying to get across. Not everyone is the same. You are not selling to everybody. You have a target market. So who are they? What are their values? What motivates them? Most importantly, we don’t know we are that different to each other.

So if you want to serve your customers profitably you need to start with them. Put yourself in a Life Swap scenario; think like your customer thinks. What else is happening in their world that is stopping them from being your customer? Come to think of it this applies equally to people you work with. They are different to you too.

Our personal values and culture influence our decision making and our behaviours every day. They influence our purchase decisions too. So what matters to your customers?

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