What’s in it for me?

Apr 22
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This blog is about selling more and converting more.

That sentence is what’s in it for you. If you read this blog that’s what you will get. I start with the benefit to you so you can decide if you want to keep reading. I see you have so here’s the magic.

People are bombarded with information and sales. So we make snap judgements about what’s of benefit to us and what we can ignore. This happens quickly and it’s your responsibility to make it clear what people get when they engage with your content. It doesn’t matter if you content is in a leaflet, a blog or your website. You must start with what’s in it for your potential customer.

Amazon has a phrase, mantra they work with.

“Start with the customer and work backwards”

This should apply to everything you write about, the way you set up your website and how you design your services. This is marketing, serving your customer profitably.

So here’s a quick exercise to see how you do;

  1. Choose one piece of marketing communication designed to promote you to someone who has never met you before, a video, blog or your website.
  2. Imagine you are that person. What do you notice about this ‘new’ company? What can they do for you?
  3. What does the company want you to do next? Are you compelled to do that based on what you now know? How big a risk is it?

Looking from the customers perspective helps you to see where you can improve. If the benefits are not clear they will not move on to the next step. If the action you want them to take is too big and too risky they won’t take it. Worse if there is no Call To Action at all they might just do nothing!

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