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Aug 28
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Marketers across the country jumped to comment this week as Gmail has automatically moved ‘unsubscribe’ links to the top of any email containing one.

Ad week commented on this as follows;

“The move heralds a potential nightmare for email marketers, who work diligently to keep their list numbers as high as possible.”

So if you experience an unusually large number of unsubscribes this week then this move could be part of the reason for it.

But fear not, size doesn’t matter.

Not when it comes to email lists, Facebook page likes, LinkedIn connections or website hits.

These are what we refer to in the industry as vanity metrics.

Imagine you have an email list you have purchased with 20,000 emails and you regularly email these people. Some will jump at what you offer the vast majority will do nothing, they may not even open or read the email at all. As a business decision you have to weigh up the large cost of list purchase against the value of those small sales that will result.

Let’s take an organically grown list as an alternative example.

Imagine you have a list of 514 people, all of whom you have met personally or have subscribed.

Because of this, and the content you offer, you often get double the industry average open rates and sometimes more. People will take a positive action such as sharing your blog and a number of people during the week will say they took something positive from it.

It is by careful design that you choose this option.

Because bigger isn’t better. Conversions are better..

So email communications are much more valuable to your business if they are valuable to your customer too.

Seeing unsubscribes can be disheartening and I do always wonder why they unsubscribed but I also know we are bombarded with emails so thank-you if you are reading this far. I especially hope you get something positive from the hints and tips we send out.

Remember the key is not in the size of your list (followers, likes or subscribers) it’s in the engagement and actions.

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