The way you make me feel

May 30
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] People are weird. No two ways about it they do really odd things. People are also sometimes stupid. I smoke. That’s stupid. People are also illogical and irrational. See previous sentence re: smoking.

People are also situational. Their stupidity is situational. Their confidence is situational. Their level of comfort is situational. Their emotions are situational.

People buy, hand over cold hard cash, and purchase things emotionally.
We are not, despite what the price comparison / price war adverts would lead us to believe a species that make financial decisions based on rational logic.

Many of you are currently saying I am wrong. Thinking of examples where you carefully considered all the options / specifications / comparisons of a recent purchase.

So it follows that a very important part of the sales process is how you make the other person feel.

I am not just talking women and shoe shopping here.

Evidence gathered by neuro-imaging is starting to prove this point. Experiments with monkeys show we are not the only species that ‘purchase’ based on rational logic either. Our brains are hardwired through the evolutionary process to feel about our decisions.

That’s because the feeling part of our brain works really quick and the logic bit takes time to catch up. First impressions count.

So when you’re selling what do you focus on?

Features and price? Being cheap? Being quick?

Or do you think about the person?

What need of theirs are you really fulfilling?

Are you making people feel at ease? Can they trust you? Are you making them feel relaxed about the next steps? Are you making life easier for them? Is there a connection?

Do you make them happy?

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