The Death of Websites

Mar 29
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] To most of us websites are still young but could they be heading for pensioner status faster than an equity release scheme?

The first question we ask when someone asks for a website is, Why do you want one? And we are not just being annoying toddlers when we say why? Why? Why?

The truth is a website is hard work. It takes time to develop, you need content, images, and design and then you have to worry about people finding it!
Then you have Facebook.

Have you seen what can be done with a facebook page these days? Not only can it look stunning, the applications you can create are immense and many don’t even need someone who can code to put them together.

You can have an entire shop with checkout process in a facebook page, why would you bother building an e-commerce site?

When your audience is on your doorstep why would you set up a shop out of town?
A bespoke website built properly with professional copy, design and photography should cost you in excess of £5k. You can manage a Facebook page in front of the TV.

So why do people have websites rather than use Facebook?

1. It’s just what people do – they are in a habit.
2. The website needs to do much more than just deliver information and products.
3. Their target audience isn’t on facebook.
4. They still see facebook as a social tool.
5. A website isn’t subject to ever changing rules.

So maybe the good old website isn’t totally dead in the water yet. But if you are a self-employed selling something to the public, a product or a service then I think Facebook will have an ever increasing influence. For some sole traders And some companies, facebook has already overtaken the need for a website and this trend is only set to continue.

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