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Jul 08
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] At some stage almost all business owners face the conundrum of price.

What to charge, is it too much, what if the client objects?

Take 2:32 out of your life to watch this video

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Most people will have purchased Candy Floss at some point.  You would usually pay a pound or two.  How much would you pay for flower floss?

Our friend the Candy Floss artist has a lot of things going for him

  • The product delivery is unique even though the product itself is just candy floss.
  •  He demonstrates to an audience who are in a position to buy.
  • There is trust that the product can be delivered because he is there.
  • It’s unlikely that you have this opportunity to buy Candy Floss like this elsewhere.
  • Candy floss art is just plain amazing.
  • If I sold candy floss it would be nowhere near this guy!

So he has perfected his art and craft to a point where people sat in offices all around the world today are watching him on YouTube.  That’s quite an achievement.

What do you need to do to create value and make the price you ask for less important?

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