Start-up to Stardom in less than 6 months

May 20
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] It takes time to grow a profitable business right?

Not so for this lady. Fit Pro Client Recipes launched a the end of November 2013 and last night the founder Karen Ruffle featured as a guest on a talk show on TV.

That’s some climb to fame. 6 months to get from an unknown PT in a highly competitive market to being head hunted to appear on a talk show.

If we are honest the odds were stacked against Karen’s success. In an industry dominated by buff 20 something men a 40 something year old single mum with 3 children wasn’t the prime candidate for super stardom.

But Karen had something else, confidence.

I’ve worked with Karen throughout this period and yes there were times when it was really tough, decisions had to be made and even with an investment in a marketing specialist there is no guarantee the industry would react as intended.

Karen had the confidence to see it through. She believed in the product, knew it was needed and even though she was offering something most Personal Trainers didn’t even know they needed she invested in educating a whole industry.

I’ve worked with many start-ups over the years but none so sure that that their product was needed. It was this belief I am certain that has seen Karen go from unknown PT to TV star in less than 6 months. Karen is a highly talented lady in many ways and I don’t want to take away from her the influence this has had on her success but it’s not just having the ideas that makes things happen.

Many people would have thought about approaching the industry leaders and talked themselves out of it thinking about all the ways someone might say no.
Many people would have fallen at the first hurdle when they had negative feedback about their product (which we all do!) and given up on their ideas.
Many people would have looked at the financial investment needed and wondered if they could really afford to risk such sums of money.

Not Karen.

She had the confidence to stand up for what she believed in and change a whole industries perception of nutrition. Her work has not only been profitable but will have changed the lives of people who are overweight and battling with food. She has taken on board feedback to enhance the product even further, invested more in advertising and promotion when times were tight and reaped the rewards.

All of this is not just down to the smart ideas but the confidence and belief to get things done.

And that there is the difference between a business that’s ok and one that gets you on TV.

Well done Karen you are an inspiration to business owners everywhere.

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