Smokin’ Hot!

Jun 11
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Here are just some of the things you should know;

  • It will kill you (most probably)
  • It will cause you very serious illness.
  • Once you start it will be really difficult to stop.
  • You will need to re-invest up to £10 EVERY day for the rest of your life or suffer physical consequences.

Pretty poor promotional message. Pretty poor offer. Pretty poor product.

UK industry worth £15.1Billion a year.

Smoking Kills. We know this. It’s not news.

So how does an industry that causes all these things get consumers to spend £15.1bn?

How do we call this a legal activity?

Evidence shows there are things that are much less harmful to people that are illegal.

If you are a tobacco company what’s your next move?

Sell more = kill more?

Switch to nicotine replacement or e-cigarettes?

Focus on delivering the benefits to smoking (are there any long term?) without the damage.

Most of you will not be tobacco industry insiders.

The message is relevant to your business though.

Legal doesn’t equal ethical.

Legal doesn’t mean it will be around forever or be sustainable.

Legal doesn’t mean zero damage.

If being legal is your only concern in business you are missing a trick.

Ethical is a strategy that can really make a difference to your success.

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