Roadblocks or Runways?

Jul 29
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] One thing I always notice in a business is its’ systems. I notice the flow of information, the way people interact with it and the results it’s likely to get.

This happens regularly whether I am officially consulting or consuming.

So I was recently at my doctors’ surgery where they have introduced online prescription ordering.

This is a great system and no doubt saves people time.

As I left my consultation with the GP I had a repeat prescription written up for me so I asked at reception to sign up for the online ordering service.

She asked for my Photo ID.

I didn’t have any on me.

No sign up for me.

This is a prime example of a road block in a system.

I am certain that in the discussion about introducing online ordering the question of identity and prescription fraud came up and someone had the bright idea of asking for Photo ID from people.

What didn’t happen was that this was considered in context. If I can have a prescription written by a GP in the consulting room my ID has surely been verified. Little has happened between the consulting rooms to reception to change that.

The road block simply had no verified purpose for me.

A GP surgery may not lose ‘sales’ because of this roadblock but many businesses do.

There are just roadblocks that make taking action frustrating for your customer.

Roadblocks that businesses define that actively prevent the customer from positively engaging with you.

Instead systems need to help the customers – be runways for their success and yours.

It is incredible the difference a positive experience has to sales and repeat custom.

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