Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Apr 07
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Winging it works for a while but prior planning prevents poor performance.

I often wonder how people become super rich. People who started with very little from families with very little are fascinating. People like Alan Sugar who, I might add, has the same number of hours in his week as you do in yours.

So there is conclusion number one. The amount of time we have is not relative to the money we earn. So maybe it’s about what we actually do with that time. It’s about leverage, managing resources and planning. Success is about systems. Business is just a system with a purpose, more accurately a mix of systems with a purpose. The more effective that system is in achieving its goal the better and stronger the business becomes.

Some of the world’s most successful businesses prioritise their systems. Take Amazon as an example. Everything from the way their customers move through the website to the order process to stock management and warehouse organisation is highly systemised. Each process is carefully thought through. They focus on efficiency, simple process in the physical world not just the IT.

One of my favourite systems to look at is the customer journey. I love the idea that you think through each step of the customer experience, their interaction, what makes life easy for them. Lego have done this brilliantly with their ‘Designing The Experience – Example WOW’ Every step of the customer journey, literally, is planned. But you each have a customer journey too. There are little steps people take to go from not knowing about you to buying and buying again. This system matters to every business.

There are systems behind everything you do, from making a cup of tea to negotiating multi million pound deals. By picking out the systems that are critical in your business you can save money, get better outcomes and make a more profitable business.

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