Managers Matter, just ask Man Utd

Apr 21
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Sunday was a good day for Everton. They beat Man Utd 2-0. If you don’t follow football you should know that David Moyes was, until last season Everton’s manager, he’s now Man Utd’s manager. He took over from the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson.

After 26 years at the helm loosing Sir Alex was always going to make for an interesting season for Man Utd.

I’ve watched this season carefully, not just because I love football but because I am a professional manager. (and in case anyone is reading from Man Utd available immediately)

What difference does a manager make to a team?

In professional football where wages and skills are obscene, where players are world class what difference does it make who is one the side-lines? This season was a live management experiment from the off.

Now the season isn’t over yet but with only a few games left to play Man Utd can’t finish above Everton.

That’s what difference a manager makes, from a top flight team to somewhere nowhere.

Let’s be straight here, Sir Alex was exceptional and David Moyes was his hand-picked successor but something just didn’t click into place this season.

Was the strategy wrong, maybe the players didn’t execute on the pitch or maybe there was just not enough passion and commitment.

Truth is these are problems that managers face every day in business and in football.

The people who just aren’t getting the results. So who is to blame? It falls on the manager. Every time. The role of a manager is to get the best out of everybody, if you are not doing that then change. Do something different until you find a way that works for that person.

I’ve had some real challenges that team members have thrown at me in the past. But it’s down to the manager to learn how to handle them. That’s what being a professional manager teaches you. How to get the best from people. How to lead a team of people to be the best they can be.

To inspire.

Management is as much about psychology and sociology as it is numbers and strategy. You have to win the hearts, the minds will follow.

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