It’s a pretty big world actually!

Apr 24
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Tomorrow morning I have an 8am call with Matt from Sydney and a 9am call with Matt from Bucharest. Both about an online system that was built for a client and has seen international interest in less than 6 months.

From Start-Up to Exporter in under a year is pretty good going!

But isn’t not an easy task to start overseas trading, this particular client has a very well defined niche and an online product which makes things easier but there are still challenges.

For example weights and measures around the worlds use different unit measurements, so the recipes in this online system need modification to ‘localise’ them. Some ingredients have different names even in English Speaking countries, Aubergines are known as Eggplants in the USA. So communication even among countries that uses a variation of the same language needs considering.

Then there is the setting up of meetings. A couple of weeks ago I ran a demo with someone in Brisbane, I have a friend who lives in Melbourne so I google mapped the distance between the two, just to give me something to open the call with. They are a 20 hour drive apart! Lands’ End to john O’Groats is less than that. Turns out there are actually 3 time zones in Australia.

Setting up meetings scrambled my brains a little bit trying to work out which day it was where in the world and then the times that the meetings could take place. I stumbled upon a World Clock Meeting Planner here that I found invaluable so I wanted to share it with you.

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