Introducing the often overlooked planning tool that can transform your sales

Jan 05

This week we will be looking in depth at the 3 C’s, Competitors, Collaborators and Customers.

Specifically we will be thinking about planning tool for success and sales and how we can undertake some quick and simple analysis to aid our sales efforts over the coming months.

Starting then with your competitors.

The most important question is; who are they?

In some industries this is quite a simple task. Solicitors for example provide a solution to a problem where there is likely to be only one answer. Hire a solicitor. In this case a simple list of other solicitors in the area will suffice.

However other industries may be more difficult. Take Personal Training as an example. The problem being solved by a PT is one of increased fitness. Therefore other personal trainers are not the only ones who can help a client achieve the desired result. Gyms and weight-loss products also offer substitute solutions, as do group fitness classes and diets.

So the answer to who your competitors are is dependent upon how you phrase what you do.

Once we have a list of our competitors we can then start to assess them using simple tools to illuminate their strengths and weaknesses against our own.

A simple SWOT analysis is suitable. What do your competitors do that is better than you? What do they do that is not as strong as you?

Knowing this means you are one step ahead of your prospect who will be making these discoveries in their quest to have their need met. It’s something we cover in the sales course when we think about planning for the sale. That’s because knowing in advance your strengths and your competitors gives you control over the final conversation.

Finally how are your competitors communicating with your audience? What methods or platforms are they using and which key messages are coming through from their efforts?

For example if one of your competitors is focusing on being the cheapest in the area you could push the quality message to stand out.

There will be lots of messages reaching your prospect so how does yours compare? If your message communicates your strengths so that people can identify your message with their key desires easily you have found the golden key.

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