Apr 09
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] I was merrily heading off to Newark this morning singing ‘dedication is all you need’ and thinking about how I was just a few hours away from being a world record holder and todays blog would be all about how awards help your business get recognised and stand out from the competition.

But I failed. Big Time.

The record is still with the Aussies.

The Record I was attempting was the most people speed networking in one place, currently 475 people. And no I didn’t try it on my own. <<<- I’m not that dumb!

In truth I wasn’t even involved in organising the event.

But here’s why I failed….

Despite believing passionately in networking to raise your profile.
Despite being an executive member of a club I have supported for nearly 3 years with nearly 100 members.
Despite having clients across the UK.
Despite a contact list in the thousands.

All I did was a few facebook posts and book one of our team to come with me.

This was a team event in the true sense of the word and I didn’t play as part of the team. I even had the audacity to feel disappointed that the event wasn’t better attended. How very dare I?!

I have known about this event for months. I could have done so much more. I could have taken some responsibility.  I know I didn’t give it the dedication it needed.

I know some people did. I know the event organisers were amazing, fantastic and held the biggest networking event I have ever seen. I know the organisers worked so hard to collaborate with networking clubs from around the whole region. THEY WERE AMAZING.

But I really quite wanted to be a World Record Holder and yet I sabotaged my own success and that of other people too. Sometimes we do that. Sometimes we just don’t take responsibility for the change we want to see. Sometimes we need a shock and a failure to make us realise what we really need to do to succeed. Sometimes we need a helping hand to get there.

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