If it ain’t broke – optimise it

Nov 19

Are you like me?

Satisfied with how things are going in your business but always wanting to know if you can stretch a little bit further and make things that little bit better?

I’ll share a secret with you, something I have observed over the years of working with businesses.

Those that optimise survive.

And I’m not just talking website SEO here < that’s quite a new thing.

Optimising your business means looking at where you are good and making it brilliant, looking at what’s holding you back, breaking through the fear and making it sensational.

Maybe it’s getting the most from your sales process or being more effective in the way you operate. Perhaps it’s getting to be the best networker on the planet so you really benefit from business networking. Or could it be that you are optimising yourself, by far the hardest to do but most rewarding

Some call this slight edge thinking, taking that little step towards a better business. I just think it makes sense to be the best you can be.

Imagine you choose just one thing per month to optimise – not make perfect but to improve in your business, a schedule for being brilliant.

In one year you could

Improve your sales conversions.
Turn more customers into raving fans.
Reduce your costs & increase your profits.
Get more leads from your website
Be more confident at business networking.
Write a better brochure that gets more leads.
Have more time to spend with your family.
See your cash-flow improve and get more sleep.
Spend less on advertising but get better returns.
Share more of your work with an outstanding team.
Grow your business with more people.
Have a happier work life balance.

That’s epic.

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