I Feel Naughty

Oct 13
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Like many people I have been driving without a tax disc for a couple of weeks now and yet it still feels naughty.

Does it for you?

It took me a few days to take the tax disc out of the window, just because it was odd.

Over 10 years of driving and it’s always been there, that little disc that says ‘I paid’.

Technology and smarter systems have made this possible and with a reported £10million saving per year it’s a very logical step to take.

It does however remove an artefact. When we think about business systems one of the things we also consider is what will be added and taken away?

In world moving rapidly towards digital, physical artefacts are becoming more prominent in many areas.

<strong>Think about your customers</strong>, especially if you are a service industry or like us an online product.

<strong>What physically does the customer get?</strong>

This isn’t a feature and benefits exercise, this is about what the customer goes away with.

Is it an appointment card, a folder or a sample?

There is something very reassuring about a physical thing to hold onto.
Could you add into your customer ‘system’ something tangible?
Here are a few ideas.

A welcome gift

A membership card

A starter kit with space for progression pics

A Water Bottle

You can think of many more.

As we move more towards digital in communication and deliver the power of physical will keep growing.

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