How to waste money on Facebook Ads

Aug 26
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] This insight is inspired by an advert that appeared on my Facebook Timeline this week.

As business owners we all know that advertising spend is a bit of a shot in the dark. But we protect ourselves against landslide defeat by planning our campaigns carefully.

The usual process is to refer back to our marketing strategy, particularly the part where we considered marketing communications and think about our target customer.

The skill or art then comes on trying to target people who are most likely to buy based on our research.

Facebook has become the world’s leading digital advertising space by becoming exceptionally good at allowing this precision targeting.

Here are just some of the things you can ask Facebook to target for;

On-line Spenders who have purchased on Facebook in the last 30 days
People who have visited your website
People like the people who have visited your website
People who like TV chat shows
People who like Zumba

It therefore came as a bitter disappointment to me this week that I saw an advert for a gym in Wolverhampton when I live in Lincoln.

The likelihood of my joining a gym in Wolverhampton is slim. I think that would be true of most people who live outside of Wolverhampton.

Lots of marketing research is common sense or an affirmation of the things you know. But it’s so important to clarify this and put it into action.
Even more powerful is gaining real insights by carrying our market research and unearthing new and untapped markets or people.

Facebook is just one of many possible marketing communication tools available but the truth is if your marketing strategy is letting you down at the basics then very little advertising / promotions or marketing communication is going to work however good your design or copy is.

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