Fat Fighters Unite!

Jun 09
[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] Ok so let me start this blog by being very clear.

I know diddly squat about nutrition.

I have ironically been working with fitness and health clients now for about 3 years. Ironically, because over that same time period I have been neglecting my own health and fitness just a tad. That’s my choice. My decision. My responsibility to change.

I know the difference between a pre-workout shake and a post workout shake. Why protein is good. What Paleo and Primal nutrition systems are. My ultimate favourite(s) nutrition systems so far are IIFYM and clean.
I have been educated. Mostly for free by listening to the free content the experts put out. When I decide to take action I will be prepared.

Food is just food right?

Well no. Food is stuff we eat every day (hopefully, if we are lucky) but it is more than nourishment and fuel for our body for a lot of people. People who use food by way of control, to handle emotions, for celebrations, for courting, for the joy of food. Often people who get to the stage of being overweight, being obese decide its time to change and turn to a ‘diet’.

Here are two ‘testimonials’ taken from well-known diet /slimming /watchers generic facebook pages last night.


I’ve had enough now!  I’m close to saying stuff it!  I’m heavier than I was at Xmas, I haven’t lost for months I stick to plan, food diary and stay to group, why isn’t it working

How am I ever supposed to lose the this weight, when i get home and tell them I’ve stayed the same for the 2nd week running and get told “well put more effort in” and “slacker” feeling so down

Would you want these as shining testimonials for client success on the front cover of your business magazine or on your website?

And this is big business.

Estimates put ‘diet’ industry global value to £318billion by 2017.

And still obesity rises.

So I have a question here about ethics.

Let’s be honest, we all ‘gloss’ our offering. Niche our marketing. Shout about our greatest results.

But where is the line?

When does smart marketing become propaganda?

When does ‘well it’s legal’ stop being a good argument for what we do.

I fully believe in Milton Friedman’s phrase, “The social responsibility of business is to increase its profits.”


I also believe in ethics.

What if ethical business was part of your business strategy?

What if being the market leader and being ethical about is was the same thing?

What if educating your clients was as important as fleecing them into buying your next best seller or fad diet?

What if we started with the client’s needs first and worked back our strategy from there?

I wonder how powerful that would be as a way of increasing your profits?

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