Jan 29

Did you feel it?

Not me. I missed it. Feeling a little left out.

Earthquakes are one of those things that you cannot reasonably predict but you can plan for.

Business has a lot of Earthquakes;
Staff Illness
Broken Equipment
No Internet!

The list goes on…..

But what do you do when the shake hits the ground? There is a much used phrase, prior planning prevents poor performance. It’s much used because its true. Having a good solid system in place helps you to overcome and deal with earthquakes as they happen.

The more likely and frequent the earthquake, the more we plan for them. Think about the buildings in areas around a fault line, the building planning on those is sensational.

Business planning is much the same.

A good analysis will highlight the fault lines in your business. Where are the potentials for business earthquakes? Most importantly what can you do to ensure business continuity in the same way as buildings are built to withstand the quake?

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