10 things you should know about your avatar

Apr 13

Knowing just these 10 things about your avatar will massively catapult your chances of a strong and coherent marketing message.

I’m going to jump straight to the point here and give you a ffact-findinglist of things to discover about your Avatar.  This exercise alone could catapult your marketing.  So Go discover;

  1. Their basic stats, as in age, sex, location,
  2. Their home lifestyle as in partners and children,
  3. Their work life, as in hours, environment and income,
  4. What their problems are and especially their biggest challenge.
  5. More than anything else the thing they really want.
  6. What values help them make decisions?
  7. Where do they go to find stuff out?
  8. ALL the pain.  everything that causes them pain.
  9. Reasons they won’t buy from you.
  10. The style of language they respond to or talk in.

Trust me.  Do the exercise with your existing clients, if you don’t want to ask just think through what their responses might be.  Start to build a profile and you’ll instantly transform the way you write and talk about your business.

Plus you can use this prompt sheet to get going too.

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