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What People Say...

"Listening to Aimee is like listening to a female Gary V..." Kika



It's rare to be able to pinpoint an exact moment when your business (and life) change but I'm lucky to know one of those moments very clearly.

It was the first moment I got on Skype with Aimee. I knew I was good at what I do but I had no clue about the rest of it and was petrified to even explore what I didn't know. I worked with Aimee over a period of 2 years and go back to that time and her again and again since.

Aimee gave me back the gift of myself within the framework of marketing wisdom. She explained how to sell MY way, she taught me how to see business the same way I see everything else- thought the eyes of love and possibility.

She is a rare blend of the psychology behind it all as well as the tech know how to put all of the parts together.

She has changed my life in every area because of that help she gave me and shifted the trajectory I was on and for that and so much more, I'm forever grateful.

Trust me, hire this woman. You'll thank me and I'll just nod and smile and say I told you so!

Colin Johnson - Director

Aimee has delivered outstanding work both consistently and accurately. She understands the projects and tasks well and communicates on a regular basis. Her knowledge and overall understanding is excellent and the depth of analysis she provides is very detailed. I would certainly recommend her.

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